Soldiers Prayer

Psalm 91 has been the hands-down choice as a Soldiers Prayer for more generations that you can count.  For years it was know as the Foxhole Psalm, that piece of Scripture that breathed peace and strength into those caught in extremely threatening circumstances.

The popularity of this Soldiers Prayer remains the same.  Soldiers go into war zones with camouflage bandanas overprinted with Psalm 91.  “The Bandana Project” has grown and spread to many areas of the country where family members of military personnel unite to raise money and provide Psalm 91 bandanas who all who want them.

So, what is the power of Psalm 91?  What is in this Psalm that makes it such and effective prayer?  Answer these questions and your prayer will be all the more powerful.  Check out answers to these questions in the article Soldiers Prayer.  The article is at Psalm where you will find many other fine article to read and benefit from.  So check around and leave a comment or two for others who are pursuing Psalm 91 and Soldiers Prayer.  Unity in prayer brings strength and comfort.  May you find all you need.

Blessings and peace!  Jeanie R

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Psalm 91-How Reliable is the Source?

Many are picking up Psalm 91 these days-for prayer, for study.  If you are thinking of doing that very thing, be certain that you trust the source.  Are you sure where it came from?  Well yes, it’s in the Old Testament.  What more do you know about it?

The more you know about the origins of this Scripture, the more profitable it will be for you in prayer and in proclamations of faith.  This is an amazingly powerful piece of Scripture, so don’t have it watered down in your life by being half informed.

Read this helpful post on Psalm 91 to fill in some of the blanks for you.

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Psalm 91: Video Meditation

Youtube has pages and pages of video based on Psalm 91.  Some you would want to bookmark and some you will skip over quickly.  Such is life!  Freedom of the press, I suppose.  But anyway, there is a treasury of musical renditions of Psalm 91  as well as audio with slides.

One of my favorites is a three and a half minute video meditation suitable for personal prayer, great starter for a Bible study, or inclusion in a teaching or a sermon.  Drop by Youtube to check the Psalm 91 video interpretation and leave a comment.  Of course you will also want to bookmark it for future use.

Blessings on your day!


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Psalm 91 – Simple Steps to Prayer

Need help to get started praying this powerful Psalm of protection and blessing?  Here is an article that will get you started quickly: Psalm 91: Six Simple Steps to Prayer.  Don’t miss out on ramping up your prayer life with Scripture.  Follow the steps outlined and experience the difference!

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Release the Power of Psalm 91 – Free Study

Psalm 91 is a treasure chest just waiting to be unpacked.  A bit of study and prayer based on this Psalm can impact your life in measurable ways.

  • Are you seeking to deepen your relationship with the Lord?
  • To expand your faith?
  • To access the promises and blessings contained in this scripture?
  • To pray with increased confidence?
  • To overcome fear and fretting?

If you answer yes to any one of these questions, then know that you will love this free study of Psalm 91.

It is a five-week e-course that can be completed in five weeks or at your own pace.  Complete the course once and you will want to repeat it annually or semi-annually because the benefits never end.

If you have a prayer partner, why not go through this study together? Remember that iron sharpens iron.  You will both be more enriched in the experience.

Please drop by with news about how the study is going, what you have discovered, what you are experiencing.

The study is called Release the Power of Psalm 91.  And, believe me, you can!

Have you seen the video meditation of Psalm 91 that goes with this study? Check it out on You Tube.  Excellent for personal prayer, sermons, Bible study.

In the meantime, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!

Jeanie R

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Psalm 91:1

Over the centuries Psalm 91 has been the Scripture people have turned to for comfort and courage.  No wonder it is dubbed the “foxhole” Psalm.  Authorship of this Psalm is debated: either Moses or David.  Whichever way the conclusion goes, this is fairly certain, Psalm 91 was written by a spiritual giant in the later years of life.

Both Moses and David lived through dangerously violent times to experience the delivering hand of God.  Both men learned to trust God in what appeared to be impossible circumstances.  In the process, Moses came to be know as the deliverer of Israel and David came to be know as a man after God’s own heart.

So, the Holy Spirit came upon one of these men, inspiring him to write out Psalm 91, a psalm filled with promises of blessing and power from God.  The psalmist could write with clarity and assurance on these issues because he had experienced them first-hand.

We now turn to Psalm 91 to gain understanding as to what God has done and promises to do.  The writing is filled with promises that take a bit of unpacking to discover.  This unpacking is done through intensive scripture study, word study and prayer.

I’ve begun a series taking Psalm 91 verse by verse.  Each verse reflection is accompanied by a Psalm 91:1 video devotional.  The two make a great entry into the study of this powerful Psalm.  Get started today and experience the power of God in your life in a new and vibrant way.

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